Power M408

HD 1080P Resolution Support
HD Video Output
CA Card Reader
Sensitive Blind Search
5000 Channels Storage
64 Satellites Storage
Multi Language Support
Diseqc 1.0-1.1--1.2
Usual motor Support
Record with USB PVR &Time Shift
USB 2.0 Support
Upgrade with USB
Multimedia Support

Powers Full HD, Digital Satellite Receiver Media Player with 12 Months
subscription from IPTV services which provides Middle East,Asian, Chinese, European Including Holland, France
services via the Internet.

We supply Commercial building like Hi rise apartement and Goverment school Our Clients Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, Indonesian Consulate in Sydney, Open High School Sydney. Crown International Holdings Group We supply good quality materials like cable and the dish, the cables we use is pay TV approve has stamp on cables The satellite Dish vary made in USA,China and Thailand The satellite Receivers China and Korea. All receiver supply comply with Australian standard. For more Information please call 02 9825-6482 or 0414 601107 FAX 9825 6858