About Daengsat

 My name is Daeng Effendi, by trade I’m a Marine Diesel Engineer for most of my young life which I had also worked in the oil field in many different countries all over the world. Daeng means Sir, brother, the oldest; Daeng is the name from my ancestors on the Island of South Celebes known as Sulawesi. I became very interested and started to have a passion for Communications back in 1978 when I was in the oil field, offshore of Congo West Africa. Back in those days, I tried to communicate to my girl friend in Indonesia via satellite, which now is my wife. Can you Imagine trying to communicate to Indonesia back in those days?. I had to call London radio, and when London radio answered my call, they asked me which country? I replied and said the country is Indonesia and the city is Jakarta, I gave them the number and I heard a conversation between London Radio and Jakarta, afterwards they told me go ahead and I start to talk. In the early 1981 the head office in Singapore sent me to Australia in the city of Sydney which now I call home because I love this Country. My Hobbies are; Talking on radio to all over the world, swimming, Fishing, walking, martial arts, tracking new Satellite and having long cruises On the weekend. Once being a member of Alfa Tango radio group of Italy, East Coast radio Of Australia, The satellite is not only my business but also my hobby. Kindest regards, Daeng Effendi Company Proprietor



My name is Daeng Effendi,

Our company runs throughout Australia. 

 We sell our satellite Dish,Digital TV Antenna and CCTV Camera systems in packages including installation, labour and warranty. 

 For information on pricing and available satellite channels please feel free to follow the price list link and other links available. Hopefully this will information will be beneficial to any of your queries.

 Please note: prices will vary depending on the country you wish to watch. 

 At Daengsat we also provide the installation and supply of other services listed below;


  • Digital TV Antenna 
  • CCTV Security Camera

(We only use high quality cameras with high resolution FULL HD WITH RESOLUTION 1080p and 4K Ultra HD IP Camera.

Below are some of our CCTV and Satellite reference sites;


  • Crown International Holding (http://crowngroup.com.au/ http://crowngroup.com.au/
  • Yougurt Berry Bondi Beach
  • Vodafone Select Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia
  • Indonesian Embassy Canberra Australia
  • Wisma Indonesia, Ambassador resident of Indonesian Eambassy Canberra Australia
  • Vise Ambassador resident of Indonesian Embassy Canberra Australia
  • Indonesian Consulate Sydney Australia
  • Wisma Indonesia Consul General Resident Sydney Australia
  • Vodafone Select Bondi Beach NSW Australia
  • OptiComm National Broadband Fibre
  • Livingstone International Pty Ltd. https://www.livingstone.com.au
  • Business Smart Solutions Pty Ltd. https://www.bss.com.au


Our promise is that we provide the highest quality of workmanship and service for all of our offerings.

For further information please see contact information on ways to contact me directly.

Our Company's Terms and Conditions are: 

  1. Our prices include a basic installation, which is for dish-receiver distance of less than 25m, minimal burying of sign cables and connection of satellite receiver to 1 TV only. We employ professional installers and will take extreme care for your properties. We reserve the rights to choose the materials and processes in installation of the system. 
  2. All TV programs are the property of TV broadcasters and are subject to International copyright laws. 
  3. For CCTV security Camera, We provide 2- year warranty for equipment and 12 months for installation, and continual customer services. Any call out found not due to problems from the  system will be charged a small amount. 
  4. Daengsat is NOT responsible for  damages caused to the system and/or equipment due to the acts of nature such as gale force winds, lightning & hail etc. We are only responsible for the equipment & installation.

These programs may increase and decrease in number, or be scrambled at anytime at the TV companies own discretion.